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Secure Selling and Buying

Gmtbroker makes scrupulous checks on its watches and accessories, every step must include our approval.

This allows the seller and buyer to be guaranteed by an intermediary third party.


Each shipment will be guaranteed with the insured value of the entire amount.

International shipments are subject to taxation and duties for non-EU countries.

Second wrist watches without original warranty
we pay close attention to these types of items, which must be accompanied by a certificate of lawful provenance.

Vintage watches
Often old-time watches, for various reasons, are devoid of box and official guarantee of the time, nothing takes away that these timepieces can live a second youth for their value and charm.

Costo del servizio a carico del venditore e acquirente, sono poste commissioni del 4% sul prezzo di vendita, questa percentuale non prevede eventuali costi relativi a dogana e taximport.